About Us

John and Andi BayerJohn and Andi Bayer are the founders of Free at Last Prison Ministires, Inc.  Their early live's consisted of alcohol, drug use, gambling, prostitution, and criminal activity.

On August 16, 1975, they were married and a few months later, the Gospel was presented to them through the 700 Club and they gave their hearts and lives completely to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Answering the call of God upon their lives, they have served Him in a variety of ways.  They have shared their testimony on the 700 Club and conducted bible studies in their home.  John has ministered in jails, prisons, local churches, detoxification centers, and Full Gospel Business Men's meetings.  Andi has ministered at Womens' ministry groups and one-on-one counseling.

In 1995, they served one year in training under their senior pastor at a full gospel church in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.  Later, upon their return to the States, they were ordained ministers of the gospel.

Through walking in the knowledge of bsing forgiven and set free from sin, the knowledge of their daily victory over sin's dominion wasn't yet reveled.  Thus they were frustrating God's grace and operating under their own self-effort.  Then one day, through SonLife Radio, they heard the message of Sanctification by Grace through the Cross.

They believe that Jesus Christ and Him crucified is the ONLY ANSWER for the salvation of the sinner and sanctification of the believer.  JESUS, and what He did on the CROSS, is a COMPLETED WORK and is THE ONE STEP TO FREEDOM AND DELIVERANCE from all drugs, alcohol, and any addiction or sin.

They have raised seven sons and now live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and attend First New Testament Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.