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The Forgotten Ones

Preaching the Cross, to the Lost, at any Cost



I begin this article with a heavy heart, for I hear the cries of lost souls, and my eyes are full of tears, for those who are in satin's grip. With agony night after night, day after day their spirits cry out for help, but their cries go unanswered causing them to sink deeper into morass of blackness and despair; because they know that they have been rejected and forgotten by family, society and even the Church. The ones I speak of are the hundreds of thousand male, female and juvenile prison inmates. "The Forgotten Ones" in jail and prison cells across America. The following are the words of one of those, "Forgotten Ones" but they echo what is in the heart of all inmates.

We know what "society" says and thinks about us—-they call us misfits, outcast and career criminals. For the most part they despise us. They think we are worthless, dangerous and not capable of changing our ways. They are ashamed of us, afraid of us and would like to forget us. When they put us in prison, we are "out of sight—- out of mind." We are at the very bottom of the social ladder, like the bottom of a dark empty well with no ladder to climb out. How low can we go and still find God? S.C. TDOC — Inmate

I am a Christian, free in Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, I just happen to live in prison and I am called a Prison Christian. S.C. TDOC — Inmate

The same Christian inmate that wrote what you just read also wrote the little booklet Called "Jail– House Religion." We were honored when he asked us to review it and put it in booklet format and print it for inmates. What a blessing it is to so many inmates and people on the outside.

"This was my first time to experience prison ministry and I can honestly say that not only were inmates lives changed, my life was changed as well. The first in-mate that myself and my group leaded came to was on suicide watch and had to be watched at all times. When we first walked up to his cell, the expression on his face was that of a man who was very troubled. We asked if we cold talk to him about Jesus and he nodded his head and said yes. Hew was told of God's Love for him and gave His Son Jesus to die for him., his head dropped. You could see the convicting power of the Holy Spirit dealing with him and when asked if he wanted to accept Jesus Christ into his heart. He said, "YES" After he prayed the sinners prayer with him, he looked up and you could physically see a change in hi s face and the man I first saw was not the same man, he was changed. He was changed right before my eyes. We serve a Mighty God!!! My life was also changed, I will never be the same." S.T. (Bible Student)

What does God think about inmates? John 3:16-17, "For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. vs. 17, ‖For God sent His Son into the World, no to condemn the World, but that the World through Him might be Saved."

Throughout the entire Bible, time after time, we find God using some of the most unlikely people to accomplish His will and the advance His Kingdom. He used murders, adulterers, thieves, hated tax collector. But when these men believed , repented and committed their lives to God, they cried out to him from their miserable circumstances — people like Peter, Paul, Samson, James, John the Baptist, Joseph and Jeremiah had been in jail like us. People like David, Moses, Jacob, who were once murders, adulterers and thieves, were still used mightily by God when they repented and turned their lives by unto Him.

Matt. 25:36, "I was in prison and you came and visited me."

We are in the last days and the fields are white and ready for har-vest. We are in the Great End-Time Harvest of Souls and prisons are a great place to labor.

"There is a Time to go to Church, and there is a Time to BE THE CHURCH" Now is the time to "BE THE CHURCH" We must be about the Father's Business, and to "Preach the Cross, to the Lost, at any Cost". Not all can go to prison, but all can help send those that are called to Prison Ministry.

Please pray about how you can help send us to the Mission Field in Prisons across America. Thank you and "All Donations are Tax Deductable".