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Harvest Report

Prison Crusade at CCA– Lee Adjustment Center, Beattyville, KY.



Praise the Lord for a great move of His Holy Spirit on the hearts and lives of all the inmates we had the privi-lege to minister to. Each prison is so different and one never really who's what to expect until you enter the gate and onto the prison compound. As one is walking down the walkway and you look around and see inmates all looking at you, some are glad you are there and other's wish you had not shown up at all. We shout out to them asking them to come to the service, some shout back with a yes, will see you there, others shouted back with a NO! As we approached the gym, where the meetings would be held, many were lined up and ready to be released to come in the gym.

After each message was preached many came to the front for prayer to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord and many to re-dedicate themselves. All who requested them received a New Testament Bible supplied by Family Wor-ship Center Church of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They have been so gracious to donate these Bible to any inmate that gets saved during our prison crusades and or whoever fills out a Bible Request form and mails it in to JSM.

About 1/4 mile before the CCA-Lee Adj. Ctr. Prison there was a three country jail facility. I stop in the first day and asked to talk to the Warden or Chaplain about having a service there between our other prison services. The Chap-lain was in and he and I talked for a few minutes and he said yes, when can you and the team come here. We set a date for Saturday afternoon for 4:00pm—5:00pm and two hours before our evening service at the other prison. That made four services on Saturday. We had about 60 inmates in the men's service for some reason the Guard came in and told us that the men had to go back to their cells now. So no alter call was given, but as they were leaving each one stopped and shook our hands, took literature and thanked us for coming. The women were then brought in to us and Andi ministered to them for a few minutes and then Elizabeth preached a short message and when she gave the Alter call all 22 of the women inmates raised their hand to accept Jesus and they all prayed. As they were given Bibles and a testimony book.

Answers in Genesis sent three of their key people to minister at the two Sunday services. There was a great deal of interest from the inmates as well as the Chaplain and I understand plans are being made for Answers in Genesis to conduct monthly teaching services. All inmates were give a copy of their book called, "One Blood", it is wonderful.

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We want to thank the Warden and the Chaplain for allowing us the opportunity to conduct a three day prison crusade and to all of the Guards that processed us before each service and making us feel so welcomed. One Guard in the security processing area asked us to pray for someone in her family, Andi and Elizabeth and several others gathered around the Guard and prayed. Our pray is that we were a Blessing to all we came in contact with.

Many inmates filled out a pray Request Form, asking us to pray for them. One of the Christian Inmate Brother's handed me 10 pieces of torn paper and told me that they wanted to pray for us and asked us to write our pray request out for them to pray. What a blessing, here we came to minister and pray for them and they in-turn wanted to pray for all of us.

In summary, a best estimate of souls harvested, for the Kingdom of God, were 45 men and 22 women. Praise the Lord, we are always about our Father's business, Preaching the Cost, to the Lost, at any Cost. It is always worth the cost!

Not all could come with us—-But all can help send us. Read these scriptures, Heb. 13:3 & Matt. 25:36

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